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How to Heal Food Sensitivities Using Your Mind, Just like Char Did

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

By Jenny Peterson

Up until this point I have covered the root cause of food sensitivities, the traps that we can fall into when trying to address them and the most common questions. 

Now you are probably asking, how do I resolve food sensitivities using the principles of GHK and my mind? 

Well today is the day that I will be diving into the exact steps of how to do that.

In my opinion food sensitivities are super easy to resolve when done correctly. For some, it can be done in a matter of a day, like Char, a student of the MBR program was able to do. For others it may take a little longer. Either way, it's possible!

If your experiencing food sensitivities or know someone who is, know that there is a solution and I’m going to lay out what that looks like. 

When a student comes into the MBR program with food sensitivities, there are some specific steps that must be done to ensure their success in resolving them.  

I’m going to go through those steps today and also introduce you to Char who followed these steps and was able to overcome her food sensitivities literally overnight. 


The absolute first step is shifting the beliefs around food. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, beliefs about food are very powerful. So the first step is to let go of all the old beliefs that you have been told about what foods are good/bad and what you can/can’t eat. 

It's helpful to understand the biological reason for sensitivities  when doing this, which comes from learning GHK. So our blog Root Cause to Food Allergies & Sensitivities can help with that. 

We have to start with believing that the food is not the problem. 

Sometimes this shift in belief is all that is needed, believe it or not. I have had some students just shift the way they view food and their sensitivities go away. That was the case for Char, who you will hear about soon. 


This is where you literally have a conversation with yourself telling your psyche that food is safe.

Yes you need to talk to yourself! I know it might feel weird but it's essential. 

You will need to train your mind around the foods that you have symptoms to. Taking baby steps each day to creating safety around the food. One day you may just hold it and tell your psyche that its safe. A few days later you may take one bite while thinking of how much you love that food. A few days later you can take a few more bites when thinking about something that makes you happy. 

The goal is to create new connections in your brain to the food. Rather than it thinking that it's a threat, you provide the message that it's safe. 

Depending on how many sensitivities you have this process could take just a few days or a couple weeks. 

If you are down to very few foods that you can eat, you will not have to train around every food. You can start with a few and eventually your body will just be ok with them all. 

There is trial and error involved with this but the answer is being patient and persistent. 


Next we move into targeting your specific symptoms.

  • How do you know you have sensitivities?

  • Do you get a skin rash?

  • Do you have digestive upset? 

Depending on what your symptom is, we find the biological conflict connected to it. 

So let's say for example its digestive upset, then it's an indigestible anger conflict.  If it's a rash, it would be a separation conflict. 

Again your symptoms tell us the subconscious message that is connected. 

Once we know the conflict, we can move to step 4. 


This is where you want to go back just prior to your symptoms starting and look at what was going on in your life that relates to the conflict. 

So if you know it's a separation conflict, you will look for something that was happening in your life that you either wanted to be separated from or didn’t want to be separated from. 

The same goes for the indigestible anger. You would look for something that was happening that you were angry about. 

Once you are able to identify the situation/event, then you can move onto step 5. 

Now some people may say, what if I can’t remember when the symptoms started? In that case, there is some detective work that can be done to pin point that answer but its also important to look at your current life in this case to identify what is still unresolved in your life that makes you angry or relates to separation, for example with a rash or digestive issues. 


Once you can identify the situation, it's about resolving it on a psyche level.

This is different for everyone.

The situation needs to be put to rest, so to speak, so the nervous system can relax. This may mean that you need to say something that you have been holding in for years, see a new perspective around the situation, set boundaries, or simply tell your psyche that you’re not there anymore and it's safe to move on. 

Resolving situations/events that are connected to your symptoms is a very individual thing. We provide worksheets  and questions to our students to help assist with this. 

Once resolution of the situation is complete, we move onto step 6. 


This is where your body is now going to move into the healing phase because you have resolved the conflict. This is where you will experience worsening of your symptoms for a short period of time. So back to my examples, with the rash, the rash will get worse. The digestive upset will get worse. 

Now this is why education and understanding of the 2 phases is very important.

Because when this happens your old brain is going to try and play the old programs. It's going to try and convince you that something is wrong and bring your mind down those old rabbit holes. 

But hopefully because you have already shifted your thinking and knowing that this is part of the healing process, you celebrate instead, and support your body during this time. You take some time to rest, take baths, slow down and nourish your body. 

In a matter of a few days or less, you will feel a huge shift in your mind and body and come out on the other side of the healing phase feeling renewed! 

These are the exact steps to take when healing food sensitivities.

Now each step really needs to be tailored to you, except for step 6. Your beliefs, your old programs, your events are all unique to you. 

So let me run through those steps again

  1. Debunk the beliefs

  2. Create safety within your psyche and train around food

  3. Identify the symptoms 

  4. Identify the conflict to the symptoms

  5. Resolve the conflict

  6. Prepare for the healing phase

Now I want to share with you a conversation that I had with Char, a student of the MBR program about her food sensitivities. 

Char's Story

Char was one of those people that all it took was shifting her beliefs around food for her to resolve her sensitivities. She realized that what she believed about food was not true and once she shifted that in her mind, her nervous system no longer looked at food as being a threat.

She was able to eat anything literally overnight. 

Char’s experience is amazing. She along with many other students of the MBR program have overcome food sensitivities.

So what are food allergies/sensitivities costing you? Your freedom! You can’t socialize, plan, travel or enjoy the experience that food brings. What kind of life is that? You deserve more.  

Now the steps I gave you work. But trying to piece this all together on your own without support or a step by step process, can present a challenge and also waste a lot of unnecessary time and energy.

The MBR program simplifies this whole process, cuts down on the amount of time and money that you will spend doing other things or doing it yourself. 

We have a proven system that works and can help you reach the freedom that you desire to eat anything you want. And when you can eat anything you want, you can get back to enjoying parties, eating with your family and friends, traveling and even love grocery shopping again. 

If you’re ready to get back your life and health using your mind, I invite you to apply for the MBR Program. This is an application only program, so to learn more details, you must fill out the application form. Upon receiving your application, you will be contacted to set up a chat with me.

This blog concludes the food allergies/sensitivities series. I hope you have enjoyed this information and stay tuned for more!


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Jenny Peterson is the founder and CEO of Mind Body Rewire (MBR). She teaches those that are overwhelmed with trying to heal chronic symptoms how to simplify their healing by focusing on just one place, the subconscious mind. Learn more about MBR here.


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