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Break free from chronic symptoms and live the life you crave.

Get to the root cause by rewiring the subconscious patterns keeping your life and health on hold.

Most people with chronic symptoms are overwhelmed with trying to heal. 

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Can you relate to any of these?

  • Being overwhelmed by too many healing protocols?

  • Frustration due to lack of progress?

  • Fear of symptoms and body

  • Being exhausted because healing feels like your full-time job?

  • Your life is revolving around symptoms and missing out on activities?

  • Sick of trying to piece your healing together on your own?

  • Feeling isolated on your healing journey?

You deserve a simple path to healing the root cause of your symptoms.


Rediscover confidence in 

your body's intuition and 

healing capabilities.


Empower yourself and family with strategies for health and wellness.


 Experience the joy of unrestricted living, engaging fully in activities and relationships.

Our work is for ANY chronic health condition(s)
which include some (but not limited to) the following:

  • Hormone and Thyroid Imbalances

  • Insomnia

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Mast Cell (MCAS)

  • Auto-immune

  • Hashimotos

  • POTS, palpitations, Tachycardia

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Lyme disease

  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks

  • Chemical/food/mold sensitivities

  • Skin conditions, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea

  • Chronic Pain and Inflammation

  • Dizziness & Headaches

  • Digestive complaints, IBS, Crohn's Disease

"I have a life again, and it's all thanks to the
MBR program."

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Tania was overwhelmed, battling over 30 symptoms, severely restricted to just three foods, and feeling completely broken, barely recognizing the life she was living.



The program revitalized Tania's life, restoring confidence in herself and her body. She learned to respond to life in healthier ways and embrace self-love, dramatically changing her perspective on life and her approach to health challenges.


All of Tania's symptoms were resolved, and she now enjoys the freedom to eat whatever she wants and travel anywhere with her family, signifying a complete transformation.

We know you want to be free of your symptoms. 

In order to do that, you have to get to the root cause, subconscious patterns. The problem is, you're winging your healing because you don’t yet understand the language of your body.  This can leave you feeling confused, in fear of your body and alone. 


We believe healing isn't and shouldn't be this hard.  


That's where MBR comes in. With 5 years of dedicated experience, we've helped over 500 people heal from their chronic health conditions. Our founder, Jenny, along with every member of the MBR team, has successfully used our protocols to overcome our own health challenges. Collectively, we’ve resolved over 100 different symptoms.


This experience means more than just expertise; it embodies our empathy and understanding—born from walking the same path as you. We are not just guides; we've lived through the challenges you face, and have emerged healthier on the other side.

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Here's What Makes

Our Approach Unique

Mastering the Subconscious: We dive deep to understand and reprogram the subconscious patterns affecting your health.

Personalized Healing Plans: Your healing journey is crafted uniquely for you, recognizing your individuality in the healing process.

Structured for Success: Without a daily plan to rewire your brain, you can plan on your patterns to continue influencing your health. 

Step into your vibrant future. Let's unlock your path to wellness together.

Jenny Peterson

Jenny Peterson,
Chronic Illness Expert and MBR Founder


Years Experience


Clients Served 


Symptoms Resolved

"Full body eczema to thriving:
MBR gave me my life back."



Brandon was suffering immensely, covered head to toe in eczema, alongside battling fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms that made his daily life unbearable. "Prior to finding this program, I had tried literally everything in the book to try to heal." 



Brandon's life underwent a dramatic transformation; he regained his confidence, self-love, and a positive outlook on life. He learned to enforce healthy boundaries and saw a complete shift in how he handles life's challenges, moving from victimhood to victory.


Brandon achieved healing for all his major symptoms, including his extensive eczema, marking a profound turnaround in his health and well-being, ready to thrive in his future endeavors.

Lunch at Home

Here's How It Works


Request a Healing Plan

Kickstart your path to wellness with a healing plan, tailored to address your symptoms and goals. Our comprehensive strategy sets the foundation for a journey designed to get to the root cause.

Tap Into Your Body's Wisdom

Learn your body's language so you can become a team with your body, rather than fighting it. This step empowers you with the tools to harness your body's innate wisdom for healing. 

Live The Life You Crave! 

Witness the transformation as your health and well-being align with the vibrant life you've envisioned. Now, it's time to enjoy renewed energy, engage in charished activities, and embrace life's joys to the fullest. 

"After many attempts at healing, MBR was the ticket for me."

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A year ago, Ginny was hopeless and bedridden suffering from Chemical Sensitivities, Restless Leg Syndrome, PTSD, Brain Fog, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, & Chronic Fatigue.



Ginny is experiencing freedom and joy again! Her chronic symptoms resolved, and she contributes that success to stepping into her power and believing healing is possible. She has developed a new level of trust in her body that she will continue to carry with her moving forward.  

"I’ve never felt so empowered and with a deep commitment to continue this work for the rest of my life. The tools I have gained and practiced in the program are now a vital part of my life and how I deal with everything whether it be negative or positive."

Why the Signature MBR Method is so Effective

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Education. Our education system gives you a solid foundation and understanding of what is happening in your body, so you can work together with your body to heal. 

The Tools that we teach are not only used in the program, but can be used for any problem that comes your way. A lifelong set of tools that don't require hypnosis or specific body work, just your mind. 

Targeted Work. We don't do a standard protocol for symptoms. Your symptoms have a specific subconscious connection to them and we address them in that way. The work that you will do will be tailored to YOU!

Structure. The MBR method is a structured plan that takes you step by step from A to B, each day building upon the day before. You have a plan and know exactly what you need to do, which takes out the guesswork. 

Simplicity. We don't believe healing should be complicated. Our method takes away the overwhelm and frustration of healing by focusing on one area, the subconscious. 

Support. We understand that doing this work comes with some challenges, often because we can't see our own poo. We offer support with all of our programs, so you are never alone!

Hand Embrace



  • Ideal for those with 3 symptoms or less

  • Weekly group coaching calls

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • Healing plan tailored to your symptoms

  • Life-long tools

  • 12-week courses


  • Ideal for people with 4+ symptoms

  • 1:1 Daily Support

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • Weekly Group Coaching

  • Healing plan tailored to your symptoms

  • Life-long tools

  • 8-month Program/Payment plans available

Don't risk being in the same place 1 year from now.

Together, let’s unlock your body’s innate healing wisdom so you can embrace a vibrant life you love!

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