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Why You Feel Worse Before You Feel Better

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

By Jenny Peterson

Have you ever tried brain retraining, memory work, trauma work or any type of subconscious work and feel like you got worse from doing it? Or maybe a symptom went away and then came back again after trying these types of treatments? Just when you think you have found a solution, you end up back at the drawing board. 

The answer to each of these frustrations can be simplified when you understand the 2 phases that happen in your mind and body when you have a stressful conflict.

Too many people take “retraining” programs or do memory work without this understanding of the mind and body and end up saying that the process didn’t work, when it may have, on some level. 

When you understand these 2 phases, you will gain trust in the healing process and what is happening in your body rather than fearing it. This is one of my favorite areas of mind body healing to talk about, and is a must read if you want to heal. 

I've got lots to say, so let's get started! 

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, 'There is Nothing Wrong with You', all physical symptoms are connected to unconscious stress. This unconscious stress is from an emotional conflict of some type that has not been resolved on a psyche (subconscious) level.  Once the psyche experiences one or many of these stressors, there is a specific process that happens in the brain and body. This is the foundation of German New Medicine.

Now I’m going to take it a step further, explaining the 2 phases that your brain and body goes through once you experience a conflict. 

Be prepared to unlearn everything you have previously learnt.

This information may challenge you, and you may be tempted to deny and dismiss some of this research as it is so far removed from what we have been brought up to believe. But you need to keep your mind open to change, and your heart open to truth. In doing this, you may realize, as I have, that this is awakening what we truly and instinctively know about our bodies. 

This information is based upon 40 years of scientifically and clinically correlated research by Dr. Hamer. 

Dr. Hamer stated that if there was just one exception to a theory, then it was incorrect. No guesswork or assumptions, every discovery had to be found to be ‘without exception’ before it was stated as fact. He was a physician and science was very important to him. There were no exceptions to his theories and they had to be 100% true in order to consider them fact.

GNM leaves no question unanswered and studying it reveals how many assumptions, unanswered questions, and unproven science exists in the modern conventional medical world. Let’s look at modern medicine today. What do we have that would be considered 100% true? Nothing. 

So let's get to the goodies. 


Hamer discovered when we experience a conflict within the nervous system, the conflict shock causes a lesion in the brain at the control relay of a specific body part that is instrumental in assisting our survival in coping with the specific trauma experienced.

He also discovered that all of these biological processes run in 2 phases, a conflict-active phase and a healing phase which runs after the conflict is resolved.


Let's talk about Phase 1, known as the Conflict-Active phase. It is a time of stress. It's where you are ruminating about the situation, feeling angry, frustrated, sad, etc. 

After your boss yells at you you’re upset, you’re shaky, you’re not hungry anymore.  You’re wanting to go home and maybe live under a rock for a while. 

Our psyche, brain, and nervous system are all impacted at the moment of a conflict shock. And because it’s unexpected, and we are hard wired for survival, our psyche then says, “Uh Oh, this is unexpected. We have to mobilize all the forces here in this body to make sure we’re going to be safe, to make it through this issue.”

Physiological changes are occurring right then and there, helping you to survive.

Your nervous system has been turned on and we’re in what we would call, fight or flight.  Your physical symptoms may include difficulty sleeping, cold hands, and low appetite. In general, there are not a lot of symptoms showing at this time. While the conflict is active, the biological program is facilitating the survival and coping of the conflict by either creating more cells (to increase surface area for more absorption, for example) or cell loss (ulceration) to widen a vessel (to allow more flow of bodily fluid through, for example).

Think of the last time you were really stressed out. You could probably feel that your heart might have been pumping, your brain was busy processing the stressful events, and you were just stressed.

Your blood was being shunted to your muscles because you were now running from that saber tooth tiger. Even though that saber tooth tiger might’ve been your boss who just piled a load of work on you in front of everyone and dressed you down and you felt about an inch tall.

What you know is that you’re upset and when you’re upset, you know it, you’re focused on the issue. You’re mulling it over in your brain. You’re rehashing the events and figuring out different scenarios. You’re trying to make sense of it, or maybe you’re plotting your revenge. 


There are survival mechanisms all throughout nature. They’re all around us. 

Think of Plants.

  • Roses have thorns that basically says, “Stay away. You’re going to hurt yourself if you touch me.”

  • What about poisonous plants? Poison Ivy. Poison Sumac. Poison Oak. If you touch it, you get a rash, it’s going to be uncomfortable. They don’t want to be touched. 

  • There are some plants that release chemicals, so the plants around it will then take notice and knows that there’s danger.

Not only plants, but animals have survival mechanisms in place as well.

  • There’s a certain squid that will chop off its own arm and leave it behind as a diversion so it can get away. Pretty smart. 

  • What about a possum? We know it plays dead, right? “Oh, I’m dead. You can leave me alone,” and so it gets left alone.

  • We all know what a skunk does; their scent is a survival mechanism. 

These are all survival mechanisms that are built into nature. They’re built into the natural organisms on this planet, and we are natural organisms. Why would we be any different?

Well, we’re not. We also have survival mechanisms. These are the biological programs that we, incidentally, share with animals. 


Once we resolve the conflict, maybe we make peace with it, maybe the next day we talk with our boss and we work it out and there’s an apology and our nervous system switches now into the second phase, which is called the healing phase.

In this healing phase, our brain is now going to direct our body to return to balance, to homeostasis. 

So, your body looks at the changes that occurred in the first phase, and it makes changes in the second phase to bring us back into balance.

These changes are what we call being sick. It's when we feel our worst. There is inflammation in this phase, pain, night sweats, fevers, and tiredness. In addition, the organ area of the body will also show symptoms.

In this phase we are feeling our worst, but we are actually healing and not malfunctioning!

The healing process is assisted by bacteria, fungi such as Candida and other microbes which, until activated by the brain, remain dormant (if not wiped out by overuse of antibiotics). These microbes either help to break down additional cells or replenish cells depending on the biological program that is running. 

Germs Cause Disease, right?  We have been led to believe that germs cause disease. 

So, do you always get a cold if you were just around somebody who had a cold? If you just breathe the air, they were breathing?


These so called germs, show up in the healing phase and are there to help with the natural process of healing.

Once the first part of the healing phase is complete, the body needs to push out the waste. So the body temporarily goes back into the ‘stress’ phase in what is known as an ‘Epi Crisis’. At this phase we see symptoms such as nose bleeds, coughing fits, abdominal cramps, dizziness,  etc. depending on the biological program that is running its course.

Then the second part of the healing phase sees discharges, sometimes bleeding, mucous, pus, diarrhea, etc. as the body rids itself of the toxins and waste products produced during healing.

How We “Catch” A Cold

Let’s look at an example, the common cold because that’s something that most of us have experienced. 

Do you really catch a virus from somebody else? Something comes into our body and knows exactly where to go to give us exact symptoms?

No. That’s not an accurate description of what’s occurring. 

What happened is that you had a stink conflict. 

What is a stink conflict? Well, something stinks. Something was lousy in your life, something you were fed up with. 

At the moment of the conflict shock, when you’re totally fed up with something, you’re psyche started a program that reduced the number of cells in your sinuses because your body wanted to help you survive this issue.

“Let’s not smell this person anymore. Let’s get away from this person.” 

This is so counterintuitive to what we’ve been taught. I know that. Hang in there with me! 

So, we’ve had a stink conflict. We’re upset. We’re totally fed up. We’re losing cells in our sinuses. 

Biologically, we don’t want to smell that person that we’re fed up with, and if we can’t smell it, then our psyche says, well, we’re no longer near that, which means the crisis has been averted.

 This whole mechanism helps us to get away from it. Our psyche knows that losing cells in our sinuses will help us resolve this program. 

Let’s say you’re on a city bus and somebody sits next to you who obviously has a bad cold. 

They’re sneezing, they’re coughing all over you, and you’re thinking, “Oh my gosh, they’re sitting right next to me. I can’t believe this, they’re spraying their germs all around me.”

Instantly you have a conflict shock. You are now losing cells in your sinuses right there on the bus so you could no longer smell this person that you don’t want to be near. 

A few days later, you’re away from this person. You’re not even thinking about them anymore.

Your psyche has realized, “Okay, we’re not in any danger. We’re away from that person. We lost cells. We need to refill them.”

Healing always takes place in a liquid environment, so our body brings liquid to our sinuses and that process helps us to replenish the holes that we created a few days ago on the bus.

This is what we call a common cold. It’s the healing phase of a stink conflict. 

Nothing has invaded you. There are no microbes that have entered to wreak havoc with you. 

In fact, microbes are helping you, which is why we always see microbes being active in the healing phase when you are “sick.” 

Yet what do we do? We take drugs to minimize all those symptoms, to get rid of the microbes. This puts our body right back into the conflict stage. 

A better choice would be to support the healing phase. Understand what is happening in your body and  maybe take some homeopathy, some chicken soup, essential oils, etc. all of those things that we know that will help our bodies to recover sooner and easier. That’s what’s important.

These 2 phases, the conflict and healing, go on in your body without you even thinking about it. You can easily go through each of these phases in a day or a matter of minutes. But in the case of chronic illness, there is a little bit of a twist. 


Chronic conditions are caused by a ‘hanging healing’ which is when the body cannot complete the healing phase.

This can be due to conflict relapses, poor diet, certain medications, and stimulants which can push the body back into the conflict-active phase by taking the body out of the vagatonic (relaxed, unstressed) state.

This may cause symptoms to disappear (due to there being no symptoms in the conflict-active phase). This can create a belief that the medication/stimulant is helping – but in reality it is not allowing the biological program to complete its healing.

Allergies are caused when ‘tracks’ are created that are basically triggers of the original conflict. When these triggers are experienced, the biological program is reactivated.

Those that have chronic illness not only have the physical symptoms going on but because of those symptoms they have negative thinking tracks that keep them in the conflict stage.

Think about it….if you were your nervous system and were getting a message all day that something is wrong or the constant fear of never getting well, wouldn’t you be on alert? That’s not a calm message, its a message of stress.

Triggers are also a big component to chronic symptoms. We may actually go into the healing phase after resolving a conflict but then you get re-triggered, which then brings you right back to the conflict stage. 

Say you had a conflict event with your mother in law and then a few days later you got over it. You would then go into the healing phase. But during that phase, your mother in law calls you and triggers you again, putting you right back into the conflict phase. 

So with chronic illness or symptoms, you're not just addressing the events that caused a shock in the nervous system to heal, you also have to address the negative thinking patterns and triggers. If all of these are not addressed , the brain and body go back and forth between the conflict and healing phases, never allowing your body to go through the healing process completely. 

Fear, negative thinking, antibiotics, medications, supplements, more stress, and triggers (old tracks) can all interfere with the healing phase. The body is never able to fully resolve the conflict and go through the healing phase. This is why its called a hanging healing and every person that I work with has between 5-20 of them. 

So am I saying that we should do nothing if we don’t feel good or are diagnosed with something? 

Absolutely not. What I’m saying is that when you understand what is happening in your body, then you can accept and surrender to the healing process instead of getting in the way of it. German New Medicine gives us an entirely new perspective on how to help ourselves. 

For some programs, truly, surgery might be your best bet. Sometimes it’s the worst thing you can do, but with GNM, you at least have a better understanding of when to use surgery, and even when to take pharmaceuticals or use holistic therapies, if at all. 

How long is the conflict & healing phases?

Sometimes you’re only in the conflict stage for a few minutes and other times people are stuck in this conflict stage for years. When it comes to years, it's those big traumatic memories that haven’t been processed that are keeping a person in the conflict stage.

Once a person is able to move through and resolve those conflicts, the healing phase can happen.

The Healing phase will be less intense if you were able to resolve the conflict quickly. If you were in conflict for years, the healing phase could be intense. But in general, the worst of the healing phase is less than 3 days. Knowing this, you can be prepared and support your body as it comes back into balance. 


Lastly, let's talk about fear as a contributor to keeping someone from going through the healing phase completely because I hear it so often with those that I work with or that come to my program. 

The culture of fear is not helpful for anyone because fear makes every single program that runs in the body more complicated and severe. If you're fearing that your illness will never go away or the diagnosis that you have been given, you are on some level keeping yourself sick by bringing your mind back into the conflict phase. 

For me, one of the best things about GNM is the freedom of fear of disease.

We have a culture of fear in our country. Let’s face it, we’ve been taught to fear our bodies, to fear each other, to fear the natural microbes that live inside us and also around us.

I think we’ve lost a connection to our bodies. I think we’ve lost an innate wisdom of our bodies and GNM helps us to get that back. 

I find it’s very empowering that when you understand what really caused the symptoms you have; you have this new perspective and it’s something that people often understanding intuitively.

I can’t tell you the number of times when I’ve asked somebody, “Okay, so what was going on in your life five years ago, right before your symptoms began?”

And they all will know, “Oh, well that’s when my mother died,” or, “That’s when my divorce was final.”

People know intuitively what was going on in their lives around the time.

This is how GNM can empower us. It’s awesome!

I don’t see that kind of empowerment coming from the business model of disease we currently have now. 

I truly believe we are hardwired for survival and we’ve forgotten that we are. To me, it’s just common sense and it keeps healing simple. 


So when we do the subconscious work, change our thinking, do memory work, etc., to resolve the conflicts and then feel worse, it's not a time to start doubting or fearing what your body is doing. It's actually time to celebrate that your body is healing.

Keep your head in the right lane. It’s really up to us to get out of our bodies way and support it as best we can.

I like to tell my students, “It's none of your business what your body is doing, your only business is your brain.” You don’t question how your body heals a cut, so why are you questioning how it's healing anything else? It has more wisdom than you will ever know and trying to “fix” it your way is only delaying your healing. 


We get it, you're desperate to have your illness be a thing of the past, not something that defines your days. But trying to heal WITHOUT a custom plan is costing you precious time, money and energy!

You are unique, your symptoms are connected to very specific patterns within your subconscious.

Without a plan unique to you, you will continue struggling and miss out on the life you deserve to be living! To help you get started on your long-lasting healing journey, we would love to provide you with a healing plan that is unique to you. Get your custom healing plan today!

You can also Download my free healing guide, “Why Can’t I Heal” where you will learn the 5 reasons that you haven't healed despite everything you've tried. These are the missing pieces to your healing and the key to resolving your symptoms for good.

Jenny Peterson is the founder and CEO of Mind Body Rewire (MBR). She teaches those that are overwhelmed with trying to heal chronic symptoms how to simplify their healing by focusing on just one place, the subconscious mind. Learn more about MBR here.


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