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What Sets MBR Apart from Others

Updated: Jan 8

By Jenny Peterson

Every business starts with a problem you want to resolve. If you don’t have a problem that people are trying to solve you really don’t have a business. 

MBR (Mind Body Rewire) was created because I saw too many holes when it came to healing protocols. It's where I filled in these holes that sets us apart from others. If you ever wondered how MBR is different from all the other healing protocols you have tried, today you will learn what sets us apart.  

I’m going to take you back to 2016 when I was on my healing journey. I had my zapping machine in my bedroom that would zap all the bugs out of me while sleeping, my biofeedback machine that would tell me what supplements I needed, a list of “healing practitioners” that I would see weekly,  and the latest healing modality class that I was studying. I was making healing my full time job and despite my efforts, I was just getting worse and worse and spinning in circles. 

I knew I had inner work to do, which is how I somehow ran into subconscious work. Don’t ask me where because I can’t remember, it feels like it just showed up one day. 

I became obsessed with learning about the subconscious mind and that led me to reading lots of books and studying many different subconscious healing modalities like hypnosis, nlp, fastereft, eft, psych-k, emotion code etc. Yes I studied and took classes on them all, thinking the more modalities I have the better chances I will have. But, in hindsight, I was really hoping that one of these modalities would be a magic formula. Kind of the same hope that I had whenever I got on a new supplement. 

With every modality that I learned, I gained a deeper understanding of the subconscious mind and was fascinated by it. But on the other hand, nothing seemed to be changing. 

I would have sessions with practitioners, sometimes doing nothing but sitting there on the phone or in their office as they said these magic words to me while my subconscious was listening to them. I was taught that all I had to do was run a magnet over my body and all my patterns and emotions would be gone, I just needed to tap away my feelings and thoughts, cross my arms and legs and say these certain things and all the patterns would go away.

I was never taught how to step into my power or “become a new version of me”.

I didn’t have to be anyone different 15 minutes after the session was done or do anything to sow the seeds of what was done in that session. Session after session I just hoped that one day it would all work.

Then one day it dawned on me, if the subconscious mind is programmed through repetition, then what am I doing daily to change my old patterns? Nothing. Sure, I would have sessions where we would identify places I needed to make changes but I was never given a plan of how to do that outside the sessions. There was this co-dependency on these sessions that I just didn’t like.

I didn’t know what to do on my own to work on me. 

In addition to that, no one that I worked with had experienced chronic health conditions. So they couldn’t understand my brain. They didn’t understand that I was thinking about my symptoms non-stop. No one was helping me with how to shift my thinking around this, we just jumped into doing the deep work yet my subconscious really wasn’t ready for it. I felt like a tiger was chasing me and I was being asked to stop and work on these deep patterns when all I wanted to do was run. 

So, I decided that I needed a plan specific to me to work on my symptoms. I knew how to identify my subconscious patterns but I didn’t have a plan for how to let them go and create new ones. I knew that to create any new patterns in my subconscious, that repetition was needed. These sessions every week were not enough to create change. I needed to take small daily action to reach my goal and change my subconscious patterns. Once I did this, all of my symptoms (over 20 of them) were gone in less than a year. 

This is how MBR was born. 

There really isn’t any magic to this, it is simply working with your brain rather than against it. Your brain has been wired daily for many years unconsciously. When you pull them out from the roots and consciously rewire it daily, you basically reprogram your entire operational system. Change requires consistent action and commitment. If you do this, you will heal. 

I know this is easier said than done because the brain can be tricky. But if you have the right support and you address your subconscious in a healthy step by step process, you will experience less resistance and be able to create changes faster. 

So what sets MBR apart from others are the things that I found were missing in my own healing journey. 

  • Yes, we have one on one sessions with our students, but the work they do on their own with our guidance between those sessions is absolutely necessary for the work that is done in those sessions to be effective. We don’t do one on one sessions outside of our program because of this. There needs to be personal responsibility when it comes to creating change. Healing can only take place from within the client. The task of the practitioner is to try to understand the dynamics involved for their client, to discover where they are stuck and then to provide a safe space and healing path for them to follow in their healing process.

  • Our coaches have all had chronic conditions and have gone through the MBR program, it is a requirement to be a coach. They know exactly what it feels like to be in the thick of worry, anxiety and panic over their symptoms. And they also know what it is like to sustain their health well after “doing all the work.” Meeting with a person regularly that you know was in your shoes and is proof that this work works is great inspiration along your journey. 

  • You have support. In those times where you wonder if you are doing it right or what you should be doing or you are just stuck in a rut, support is essential. These are the times that your brain will get the best of you and where many people quit when they are trying to figure this out on their own. Brandon, a MBR graduate, says “The support was immense. Initially, you need a coach and peers who are going to relate, provide feedback, and encourage you through this process."

  • You have a plan that is geared towards your specific patterns and symptoms. This kind of targeted work is essential because your life's story is not the same as someone else's. You have a laid out plan for what you need to do daily to work on your old patterns. You know exactly what to do to step into your own power and work on you. This is where the magic of simplification comes in by only focusing on the things that truly matter. This plan helps you take action, because without action there is no healing. Most people are simply not taking action due to subconscious blocks or a lack of knowing what to do. A plan that is specific to you addresses all of this. The root to all problems is a lack of trust in you. You have to build trust in you and that doesn’t happen through sessions or filling out worksheets. It happens by taking action and showing up for yourself daily. Antonella, a MBR graduate, says, It doesn't leave everything in your own hands. Guessing and wondering if you are on the right track or if you need to do more.”

  • A brain centered approach. Too many people dive into doing deep level work, before the subconscious feels safe enough to do that. This is why we focus on both levels of work; surface level, which will help to calm down the amygdala in the moment and then the deep level work that works on your limited beliefs and old survival patterns. Working on the deep level work before the surface level is like putting a kid in the deep end of the pool before having him get comfortable in the shallow end first.


  • We teach you how to be your own healer and step into your own power. We don’t believe in holding the magic key and being the only ones to help you. We want you to fly out the nest, so to speak, when you are done. With the tools that you learn in MBR you will know how to maintain your health and also deal with anything that comes about as you move forward. Amanda, a former client, says That it creates empowerment of oneself. We learn skills that we can use forever and we aren’t dependent on someone else to be our healer. “

Each of these components are essential to taking the overwhelm out of the healing process and help you simplify your healing. They are the pieces that we hear back from our students saying that they were exactly what they needed and what was missing in their journey as well. 

We take all of our students through our 4 step process:  

  1. ASSESS: This is where you will assess where you are by building your awareness muscle. Without building this muscle, you won’t see the patterns that you need to work on. 

  2. IDENTIFY: Identify the unconscious patterns that are connected to your symptoms so you know exactly what to work on.

  3. RELEASE : Learn how to release the unconscious patterns using the MBR process so your body feels safe to heal.

  4. REWIRE: Rewire your brain with new patterns to create an environment that supports healing, creates a life that YOU want, and prevents symptoms in the future. 

These 4 steps are all you need to resolve your current issues and any that come up in the future. Its rinse and repeat. 

If you want different results in your life, you must be willing to do things differently. When it comes to healing, you won’t get results doing what everyone else is doing. 

What most people do are quick fixes or easy work because let's face it, we are human, and our brains love finding the easy way. We are also programmed from little on to give our power to something/someone outside of us if we need help.

MBR teaches the things that most people are NOT doing, and people are getting long lasting healing because of it.

❌ Most people: Gather data, Googling, and have lots of information.

✅ But they are not taking ACTION.

❌ Most people: Are doing surface-level work, like affirmations, cold baths, thinking positively, etc.

✅ But they’re not doing deep-level work, letting go of old subconscious patterns.

❌ Most people: Are not staying consistent with anything long enough to create change.

✅ Discipline and consistency are necessary to create change in the brain.

❌ Most people: Are holding onto their stories and staying in a victim state.

✅ You must be willing to let go of blame and step into being a victor.

❌ Most people: Let their mind be their master.

✅ You must change that, and become the master of your mind.

❌ Most people: Are outsourcing their healing to someone or something.

✅ When all along the answer has been inside.

If you want your life and health to change, you must do what most people are NOT doing.

Most people would rather stay comfortable than feel the discomfort that comes with change, regardless of how miserable they are.

MBR teaches the things that most people are NOT doing, and people are getting long-lasting healing because of it.

There is no doubt that there are many healing protocols out there. All healing is supportive whether you get results or not because it is helping you with where you are in the moment and then leads you to the next step.

It is all part of the journey. 

If you feel like the features that set MBR apart from others are what you are missing in your healing journey, we would love to work with you. To get started, request a custom healing plan

When you do this you will fill out a form with some of your information so we can get a basic understanding of your situation. From there, we will provide you with a step-by-step healing plan for you to follow and how we can support you in that plan.

Simplifying healing all starts with a plan. 

Hopefully this has helped you get a cleared picture of what sets MBR apart from others. 


We get it, you're desperate to have your illness be a thing of the past, not something that defines your days. But trying to heal WITHOUT a custom plan is costing you precious time, money and energy!

You are unique, your symptoms are connected to very specific patterns within your subconscious.

Without a plan unique to you, you will continue struggling and miss out on the life you deserve to be living! To help you get started on your long-lasting healing journey, we would love to provide you with a healing plan that is unique to you. Get your custom healing plan today!

You can also Download my free healing guide, “Why Can’t I Heal” where you will learn the 5 reasons that you haven't healed despite everything you've tried. These are the missing pieces to your healing and the key to resolving your symptoms for good.

Jenny Peterson is the founder and CEO of Mind Body Rewire (MBR). She teaches those that are overwhelmed with trying to heal chronic symptoms how to simplify their healing by focusing on just one place, the subconscious mind. Learn more about MBR here.


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