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How Tania Went from Only Able to Eat 3 Foods to Eating Anything

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

By Jenny Peterson

Imagine only being able to eat 3 foods for 3 years.

Not being able to drink or shower in anything but filtered water.

Reacting to perfumes, candles, the chlorine at the pool and everyday scents.

It doesn’t sound pleasant does it?

Tania, a client of the mind body rewire program, lived a life in which just doing the normal day to day things to live caused severe reactions in her body. She came to me 6 months ago with a long list of symptoms and diagnosis in hopes of finding relief.

Today, you will listen to Tania’s story, where she was 6 months ago, and where she is now with her health and life.

Her story is a story of hope to those with chronic illness that you too can get your life and health back.

I know from experience how impactful hearing other people’s stories helped me to have hope and know that I can heal too.

Click the link below to listen to Tania's Interview.

If you have lost hope, are feeling frustrated with not getting well, and just want your life and health back, know that healing is possible. It is not too late, you don’t have something that is incurable, your body is capable, just like Tania’s of healing.


We get it, you're desperate to have your illness be a thing of the past, not something that defines your days. But trying to heal WITHOUT a custom plan is costing you precious time, money and energy!

You are unique, your symptoms are connected to very specific patterns within your subconscious.

Without a plan unique to you, you will continue struggling and miss out on the life you deserve to be living! To help you get started on your long-lasting healing journey, we would love to provide you with a healing plan that is unique to you. Get your custom healing plan today!

You can also Download my free healing guide, “Why Can’t I Heal” where you will learn the 5 reasons that you haven't healed despite everything you've tried. These are the missing pieces to your healing and the key to resolving your symptoms for good.

Jenny Peterson is the founder and CEO of Mind Body Rewire (MBR). She teaches those that are overwhelmed with trying to heal chronic symptoms how to simplify their healing by focusing on just one place, the subconscious mind. Learn more about MBR here.

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