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Helping Your Kids Heal

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

By Jenny Peterson

Ever wonder how you can help your kids heal their colds, UTI’s, rashes, earaches and more from a mind body perspective? Well today is the day. I’m laying it all out on how to help your kids using GNM and subconscious work. You’ll be surprised that helping your kids starts in a place where you’ve never considered before and it is going to change everything.

Get a pen and paper cuz this one is packed full of goodies!

If you're new to GNM or subconscious work, you may think that from the outside in, working with kids is difficult, especially when they can’t talk.

Honestly…. working with kids is easier than you think. Think about it…. They haven’t had years of programming and bad habits. From a brain perspective their brains are very moldable at this time. They can believe one thing one day and have it be something different the next day. Change is much easier for them than an adult brain that has strong pathways that have been traveled for many years.

As an adult, you have had years of traveling the same patterns. Your brain has files of subconscious proof (memories) for why you do the things that you do and why you believe what you believe. You have habits that are wired into your brain that you unconsciously do everyday.

Change gets harder and harder as you age because the patterns are so well traveled in your brain. Simply put, changing subconscious patterns as adults is much more difficult than with children. Hence why all of our programs and courses for adults are a minimum of 12 weeks. There is a deeper level of work that is needed. Anything less, doesn’t create change.

I want you to keep this in mind as you help your kids with their health symptoms. Their brains are perfect for doing this kind of work and assisting you as a parent to help them become healthy, conscious beings.

On that note, let's dive into how you can help your kids when it comes to their health.


Whether you’re new to GNM and subconscious work or are just getting started, I think it's really important to go over the basics because it's going to help you to understand what I will be discussing later.

#1- All symptoms in the body are about survival.

The body adapts when it gets a message that something doesn’t feel safe. Symptoms are an adaptation to what it considers to be a threat, anything that risks your survival or safety. Keep in mind that, most of the time, this is not physically safe, but emotionally. For example, not feeling confident or not feeling safe to speak up are all messages that don’t send messages of safety.

Our brain is very primal which is something we are not taught.

At all times, all our body wants to know is do we need to adapt? Because you're built for survival and these programs are ancient. Things that you don’t think are a big deal can be big messages to your nervous system.

#2- Symptoms are part of the healing phase.

They are not an indication that there is something wrong. But if the symptoms don’t go away or come and go, it means you are in a hanging healing. This simply means that your body isn’t getting the message that it's safe to fully heal. The healing process is getting interrupted. If you have chronic symptoms you're in a hanging healing. Acute symptoms like the flu that may last a week or 2 are simply healing symptoms.

GNM teaches that your symptoms are not an indication that there is something wrong, it is the expression of normal function. There's adaptation during the conflict phase (when a situation is stressful, experiencing frustration, etc.) Like in the case of the sinuses, during this time of conflict there's erosion or widening of the mucosal cavity of the sinuses. And so that's an adaptation so that you can bring in more, you can smell better so that you can bring in more to detect the scent and then when you resolve the conflict, that is tissue restoration. So the runny nose, the stuffy nose, the swelling when you don't feel good.That is an indication that your body is restoring and repairing.

#3- You can’t catch someone else's healing phase (meaning cold, sickness, the flu, etc).

Yes I know this one is hard due to how we have been programmed to think about germs, viruses and bacteria. But remember that germ theory is only a theory and it comes from this idea that the only thing that's real is physical material. And we don't take into account the emotional state, the perceptions, or what's going on with the individual.

You may also question this when you have experienced one person in your family having cold symptoms and then others in the family get symptoms too. Keep in mind that as a family we are all connected and our energies are picked up by other family members. We think the same in many ways, have the same beliefs, have the same fears, etc. So how one family member responds to situations, will often be similar to how others do as well. This is how colds can travel from family member to family member. This also explains how one person in the family may NOT get symptoms. They may perceive situations differently than the rest of those in their house.

So yes, you can't catch a healing phase (aka cold). You can pick up on the energy of a conflict and have your own conflict in reaction to something someone else is dealing with. So if you have the idea in your mind that Sally is sneezing and she seems to have a head cold and I'm going to catch it, and that stinks because I don't want to have a head cold, that will create a stink conflict. Then you get the same symptoms that Sally had. You didn’t catch her cold because of the bacteria or virus that jumped onto you, you created your own conflict based on how you perceived Sally’s cold.

Keep in mind that when the body goes through the tissue repair phase, viruses, which are protein particles, are present at the site, but those particles can't be transferred to someone and make them ill. Even in studies that they've done trying to prove contagion, there's never been solid proof of contagion. They have done studies on this and they cannot prove that there is a bug that jumps from person to person and makes everybody down the line sick. We are programmed that there are these cooties that everyone has and we need to stay as far away to not get them. This in itself is very harmful, especially when we teach this to our kids.

So now that I’ve laid a solid foundation, lets dive into the subconscious and kids' health.


So when my son was born, I still owned my holistic wellness center. I, of course, thought that my son would never get sick because I was doing “all the right things”. Well the universe was laughing at me and said “boy is she in for a surprise.”

Starting at around 8 months old and up until he was 8, my son experienced a cough that would last for weeks practically every other month. Just when he would get better, it would come back again.

My ways of helping him at the time were to load him up with remedies. I can still remember how my kitchen counter looked, bottles of tinctures, homeopathics and teas everywhere. My husband would stay home with him and I gave him strict instructions on what to give every hour and what foods were off limits.

I was so frustrated that nothing ever seemed to work and that my son was like this knowing what I was trained in.

After he was 9 years old, it was like everything just stopped. He very rarely got “cold and cough” symptoms anymore. What created this change? Well…… I changed. 3 years prior to that, I was on my own healing journey cleaning up all my subconscious patterns. When he reached 9, I was a new mom and new me. The changes that I created inside of me, also changed him. Making this connection was huge and helped me see the impact that we have on our children's health.


Once I learned subconscious work and GNM, the way I helped my son when experiencing symptoms completely changed. Today my approach is very different and I can be thankful for my own healing journey for that change.

I have a few experiences I want to share with you that will help you see what that looks like.

My son had an ear infection after I returned from a business trip. I got a call from the school nurse saying he didn’t feel well, that she suspected an ear infection. I brought him home and knew immediately what it was back to.

An ear infection is all about not hearing or wanting to hear something. I wasn’t able to talk to him much when I was away as I was in classes all day and only could talk to him at night. Once I was home, he was able to hear my voice again and he went into a healing phase. When I brought him home from school I cuddled with him, told him how much I missed him and spent time with just him and I. Within an hour his symptoms were completely gone.

Then when he was about 11, my son's right shoulder was really bothering him. He didn’t injure it, it just came out of the blue. When it first happened, I told him that he must have resolved something so we just needed to let his body do its thing. Well the pain was lasting about 2 weeks and he finally said, mom can you do your thing to find out what this is connected to so it can get better?

So we sat down and talked about what this may be connected to. I mentioned that it had to do possibly with his dad or grandpa and feeling like he wasn’t good enough. We fished around and didn’t seem to come up with anything.

So I asked him how the shoulder pain made him feel. He said like he wasn’t good enough to play football and sad. So using those words (which are subconscious clues) I asked him what happened just before his shoulder pain showed up that made him feel that way. He again couldn’t find anything. But then I remembered that a few days before his pain started that he had talked to my dad on the phone. I asked him if there was anything that grandpa said that made him feel that way. He said yes.

We found it.

So from there, I had a discussion with him about what my dad said, validated how he felt and helped him shift his perception. Within an hour he ran into my office and said mom my shoulder pain is gone!

My last story is when my son was 12. He developed warts on the bottom of his left foot and top of his left hand. Being that it was on his left side, it had to do with myself and it was connected to separation.

So when he showed me these, he said so what are these connected to mom? I sat down with him and talked about the feeling of wanting to separate or not separate and what that meant. So I asked him, are you wanting to spend more time with me or are you needing some space from me?

He said, well I really don’t like when you interrupt me when I am in my room working out. I would like to just be left alone until I am done. Now the old version of me might have gotten defensive about that but my new self totally understood. His body was telling me what he was feeling and I needed to honor that. So we had a discussion around me no longer interrupting him when he was working out, hugged and I told him that I’m glad that we could work it out.

Now warts take some time to go away. They are a build up of skin from recurring triggers. So I knew they wouldn’t go away immediately. I explained that to him as well. I said we talked about it, now we just need to let your body do its thing. We didn’t look at them the next week or anything to see if they were gone, didn’t focus on it, etc.

Then about 2 months later, he ran up to me and said, mom all my warts are gone!

These examples show us how powerful the mind is and how when we trust our bodies, they truly can heal on their own. It also demonstrates how kids really can do this work too with a little bit of guidance.

Learning this work has given my son a gift that will forever empower him to be his own healer and I’m so grateful for it.


The number one question I get is how do I access my child’s subconscious and make the connections to their symptoms? We often think that just because they can’t talk like us as adults, that it's not as easy to access this part of themselves. This is actually not the case.

The same way that you can identify an adult's subconscious pattern can be done with children as well. Through their body.

Their symptoms tell you everything.

From utero up until the age of 7, a child is connected to their parents, mostly the mom. So when there are health symptoms between those ages, 90% of the time it's going to be back to what is happening with mom. These are the times when you as a parent will need to look at what is going on in your world. The other 10% will be back to how they perceived something through their own eyes.

After the age of 7, you can talk to them and often find the connections, like I did with my son. Never assume that a situation wasn’t stressful for your child when looking for the conflict. It doesn’t need to be a huge trauma for there to be a conflict. Remember it just needs to feel unsafe to the body.

Once someone gets to be in their early 20’s then there is deeper work needed to unpack everything. There is going to be more unpacking needed due to all the programming that was done in their childhood.


Resolving your child's conflicts is all about restoring the sense of safety because ultimately that’s what it's about. Our body wants to survive, that’s its primary focus.

When they are infants they are feeding off your energy. What are you fearing, thinking, or experiencing in your life? What changes need to be made to make changes within you? My son fed off my fears so much as a young child. He even started thinking and talking about food the way I did.

For infants, I like to have parents talk to their children when they are sleeping. This is the best time to talk to the subconscious. If you can identify the conflict that they experienced or something that you were going through and you know they picked up on your fear, talk to them. Have a vulnerable moment with your child and say, “I'm so sorry that I yelled at you or that you felt that you couldn't have this thing. Everything is OK. You are safe. You are loved.”

Once they are older, like I said after 7ish, you can have conversations with them. Help them shift their perception to the situation or create a plan of how to change the situation. Remember, when they are experiencing symptoms they have already resolved the conflict, so there isn’t anything you need to do but support them in their healing. With the examples I used about my son, the only reason we had a discussion around them was because they weren’t going away.

You will need to identify the very first time your child started having their symptoms as the first step. From there you will go back just before the symptoms started and look for what happened that connects to what conflict they have. So for example if they have a rash, then you will go back to the very first time the rash showed up in their life and look at what was happening just before that (up to 6 months before) that they wanted or didn’t want to separate. This again can be about you if they are under 7. Then from there you want to resolve the conflict by shifting the perception or taking a specific action to resolve it.


I encourage you to look at this process with curiosity and not be in such a hurry to “get rid of symptoms.” When we are in a hurry to get rid of symptoms we are missing out on the message that our body is trying to tell us. We are still in the world of needing to “fix”, which isn’t where healing can take place.

It may take some time to make the connections to your child's symptoms. If they come and go, you may need to track them to find the links.

Keep a journal of when they show up and what was happening a few days before. Eventually you will see a pattern.

Even if you can’t identify the original conflict that started the track, you can still address it with a new response. If you know that your son's rash happens every time he leaves home, then maybe you need to work on the fears that you have with him leaving and/or help him shift his perception about leaving home. How can you help him respond to leaving home in a way that feels safer? This goes for you as well if he is under 7.


A question I always get is, can I still give my kids remedies when they are having symptoms?

Yes, that is entirely up to you. But I will say that more remedies isn’t going to make the process move along faster. The remedies that are best are those that support healing or make them emotionally feel better. Like rubbing some chest cream on, taking a bath, soothing tea, a homemade cough syrup, etc.

The biggest and best remedy to help your child heal is for you to not freak out. Be their support and safety. If you freak out, they will feel that.

Learning this work isn’t supposed to scare you, its actually teaching you about your body and to trust. Thats going to require you to shift out of your old beliefs and programming.

I’m going to go through some common symptoms that kids have and their conflicts. Understand that I won’t be able to address everything here. This is just a starting point. Its going to take additional learning to address your situation because each one is unique, that’s why I offer the Raising Healthy and Conscious Kids Course where you can get support for your individual situation.

Common Kid Symptoms:

  • Sinus issues - Stink conflict (something literally or figuratively stinks)

  • Chest colds- are either a scare fright or a territorial fear. Things like arguing in the home, bullying, being yelled at, etc. are connected to this.

  • Acne- feeling attacked or soiled, dirty, ugly or gross.

  • Bed wetting or bladder issues - a territorial issue, someone getting in your space

  • Ear infection - wanting or not wanting to hear something

  • Teeth issues - I first look at nutritional issues first because that is mostly what it is. I have seen kids have a “healthy diet” and still be deficient in cell salts that are crucial to the enamel and development of teeth. This is where I’m a fan of using cell salts to support the teeth. Cell salts like calc phos and calc fluor are best for teeth issues. If after cell salts are used for at least 6 months there are still issues, then I look to a bite conflict.

  • Growing pains - this is part of growing and there are no connections to them but here again I would support using calc phos and calc fluor for supporting growing bones.

  • Warts - separation conflict

  • Constipation or diarrhea - Again always look to the basic needs first of the body. Making sure that a child is getting enough water if they are constipated and also look into if they are holding their bowels. This happened with my son. He was holding his bowels at school and got extremely backed up. So after getting things moving for him, I talked to him about the importance of listening to his body when it needs to go and being comfortable with asking to use the bathroom at school and he never had the problem again. If after basic needs are met, constipation or diarrhea doesn’t go away it's an indigestible conflict, something was hard to digest.

Here again, knowing the conflict is helpful but making the connections to these and resolving them will require a deeper dive.


So how can you start teaching this to your kids? If you have kids and they have been surrounded with the common beliefs about germs, colds, viruses etc. it's going to take time to make this shift. No different than when you start to hear this information.

There is no need to sit down with them and give them a lesson. Start with modeling it yourself. When you have symptoms, instead of saying mommy’s sick, instead say, mom is going through a healing phase. You can throw in a few things like, my body knows exactly what it's doing, it's repairing.

The same goes for when they are in a healing phase. Shift your language to, “oh, you must have resolved something” instead of “oh no you are sick.” If you hear them talk about germs, that's a great time to plant some more seeds. Every time an opportunity presents itself you just plant a few seeds.

When my son has symptoms we talk over what happened a few days before and how he perceived a situation and now how it is showing up in his body. This helps him make the connections to why his body is doing what it is doing.

Now, it's important to take note on the age of your kids and how you do this. A child that is 4 is not going to grasp this like a child that is 10. Kids that are under 7 don’t necessarily need to see all those connections because again a lot of times their stuff is connected to you as a parent. But it doesn't hurt to talk about their bodies and how they know how to heal on their own at that age.

A great opportunity is when they have a bruise or a cut and you talk to them about how they don’t have to do anything for them to heal, the body will do it on its own and then watch the healing process right before their eyes.

Just think about a child that is told that they need to wear a mask, take this shot, don’t touch this, your body is scary; is feeling. In addition, what this does to the nervous system, keeping them on high alert all the time. The body doesn’t feel safe when its getting these messages.

In addition, kids are taught to reach for remedies outside themselves when they have symptoms. Lets get you some medicine, lets take you to the doctor, you need this pill or this shot. This is programming them to reach for outside remedies to fix their problems. This can lead to substance abuse or chronic use of pharmaceuticals in the future. It's like we indoctrinate them with this idea that you're broken, there's something wrong with you, and you need a potion from the outside in order to fix you. This can go both ways too. I didn’t reach for pharmaceuticals when my son was young but I was constantly reaching for a natural remedy whenever he had symptoms. We are literally showing them to ignore what their bodies are trying to say.

Starting at a young age teaching your kids that their bodies are self healing and that they are their best healer, is the best gift you can give your child.


Another popular question I get is how do I prevent my child from having conflicts?

First I want to mention that trying to be a helicopter mom and prevent your kid from having conflicts is not healthy for you or your child. I find that when people move to this model of healing they go from fearing their bodies to fearing having a conflict and experiencing a healing phase. It's really jumping from one fear to another.

That is not the intention of this work. The bigger picture is to teach us to live consciously aware of how we respond to life. If we are fearing going through a healing phase then we are not really seeing the value in this work.

The best way you can help your child prevent conflicts is to teach them to be self aware and adaptable. You will need to model this. You will also need to work on your patterns because how you respond to life will most likely also be the way they respond to life. This is why entire families change when a mother or father does the work in the MBR program. When students first join, they will want to help their kids and partners and we literally tell them, you don’t need to do anything, you just need to work on you. By the time they are done working on themselves, their entire families have changed for the better.

You don’t want to turn into this mom that is constantly saying 'oh no did that situation bother you?' Or try and get in their head thinking that you know how they perceive situations and try to protect them in a smothering way.

Parenting is the best teacher. It has taught me to clean up my own shit to help myself and my son and most of all, it has taught me to let go of control.

Yes, your children are born into your lives but their life journey is theirs, not yours. You can’t protect them from everything. You can’t solve all their problems. Your job is to lay a solid foundation (which in my opinion includes everything I’ve mentioned today and more) and let go knowing that you have guided them the best you can. They will mess up, they will have conflicts that cause them to have physical symptoms and that is all part of the journey.


I have a list of some tips for you on who you need to be as a parent to help your kids from having conflicts. This list comes from working with hundreds of people over the years and seeing the wounds that came from their childhood that led to their chronic health symptoms.

  • Let go of perfectionism. It's the root to why your child will fear trying new things. The fear of failing or disappointing you will be enough to make them feel not capable or good enough which they will carry their entire life.

  • Don’t poo poo your child's emotions or shove them under the rug. Kids need to be validated, and heard. When kids come to us and they tell us they are sad and why and then we say well that's not so bad and tell them why they shouldn’t be sad, we are not validating them. Remember that emotions don’t cause conflicts, they accompany them. Perception creates conflicts and with that perception are emotions and beliefs. So once you validate their feelings, helping them to see things in a different light.

  • Let them use their voice and speak. Don’t do this, I'm an adult and that's why, shit. Or tell them that adults have a voice and kids don’t. Teach your kids to speak up for themselves rather than be in fear of saying something. I see too many adults be in fear of speaking up because as a child they were wired that speaking up came with scary responses.

  • Teach them what boundaries are and that it is ok to say no. Boundaries are very rarely taught to kids and its no wonder when they become adults it affects almost every aspect of their life.

  • Be a model of what personal responsibility looks like. Say your sorry when you fuck up with your kids. Don’t say “you make me do these things or act this way.” Take full responsibility for how you are acting and responding to situations.

  • Let go of worry. A lot of people feel that worrying is mothering. But when you realize that worry is often like it's a prayer for what you don't want it. You're making pictures of fear, of what you don't want, of worst case scenarios, and part of that feels responsible because, oh, I'm the mother. I have to think about all the possible things that could go wrong and it feels like the right thing to be doing. But when you realize the energy of worry and the energy of fear, it's focusing on what you don't want. Your kids pick up on your worries. It doesn’t make them feel safe.

Worry comes from a lack of trust, a lack of adaptability and personal power. This is often a pattern from a childhood that is connected to anxiety that is then passed on to the kids. Understand that you need to convey confidence and transfer that to your child. Because that piece, that groundedness, that safety and confidence, that is what the nervous system needs in order to persist through the healing phase and to complete it without reactivating a new conflict.

Be adaptable. It's learning how to be this adaptable person where things don't have to be a certain way, where you're willing to roll with the punches and whatever arises, you just have that confidence to handle it. You can't fake that place though. And that is where the work needs to happen. Past trauma and subconscious patterns are all a part of that.

Here is the deal…….

Kids keep losing their shit because you lose yours.

Our kids pick up on our dysregulation.

Our tone of voice.

Our body language.

Our anxiety, anger and irritability.

Our anger causes their hearts to race.

Our anxiety causes them anxiety.

Our peace and regulation calms their body.

We all know what it is like to be around someone who is chronically anxious, raging or irritable.

We often feel their stress in our own body.

This is why your number 1 parenting hack is taking care of yourself and finding more personal regulation. You need to do the work to heal you and for your kids. You need to look inside and look at the stories, the traumas and the things that you've been through in your life and start to see, “oh, no wonder I see the world that way. But from this new place of consciousness, I realized that its not serving me. That it is not going to create the results that I want. That it is not what I want to pass down to my children. So I've gotta rewire, I've gotta reprogram, I've got to rework this.”

You can work with any personal history. There's nothing that has happened to you, or that you've done, or trauma that you've had, that can't be reimagined, revised, reworked into an amazing present and future. These concepts that I am recommending to you are what we teach in MBR which help students step into their 2.0 self to heal themselves and their children.

I want to give you 4 resources that will help you parent your kids so they are healthy conscious beings and also help you work on your own patterns.

  1. Shelly Robinson on IG, she is @raising_yourself

  2. The Whole-Brain Child book and workbook by Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

  3. My course on Raising Healthy, Conscious Kids. This is where you learn the basics of GNM and subconscious work for your kids' symptoms. You can get help weekly from myself or an MBR coach to find the connections to your child's symptoms and how to resolve them. I also provide meditations, daily activities to keep their brain healthy and a “what to do when the kids feel like poo” sheet in this course.

  4. If you’re ready to work on your own subconscious patterns so you can change your life and the life of your kids, request a free custom healing plan so we can give you the exact steps you need to take based on your situation.

Also, if you don’t have kids yet, the best thing you can do to set them up for a healthy nervous system is to do this work before you get pregnant. We have had so many MBR babies from those that have been in MBR and the moms tell us that they are such happy calm babies. The more grounded and peaceful of an individual you can become, you're going to have the healthiest, most brilliant, radiant children on this planet.

Isn’t that what we want for the world? To have confident conscious children that are not in fear, can adapt easily, and see every experience as an opportunity to grow? Think of how our world would be different.

You can help create this change by starting with yourself and your children.


We get it, you're desperate to have your illness be a thing of the past, not something that defines your days. But trying to heal WITHOUT a custom plan is costing you precious time, money and energy!

You are unique, your symptoms are connected to very specific patterns within your subconscious.

Without a plan unique to you, you will continue struggling and miss out on the life you deserve to be living! To help you get started on your long-lasting healing journey, we would love to provide you with a healing plan that is unique to you. Get your custom healing plan today!

You can also Download my free healing guide, “Why Can’t I Heal” where you will learn the 5 reasons that you haven't healed despite everything you've tried. These are the missing pieces to your healing and the key to resolving your symptoms for good.

Jenny Peterson is the founder and CEO of Mind Body Rewire (MBR). She teaches those that are overwhelmed with trying to heal chronic symptoms how to simplify their healing by focusing on just one place, the subconscious mind. Learn more about MBR here.


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