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Can You Heal without Pills, Diet or Detox?

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

By Jenny Peterson

Back when I was trying to heal from chronic symptoms, my counter and cabinets were filled with pill bottles, my fridge and cabinet were filled with gluten free, low histamine foods and the latest recipe for detoxing for candida could be found hanging on my fridge. 

Does this sound familiar? For me that was the only way I knew how to heal since I had been a holistic health practitioner my entire life.

But I had to wonder, and maybe you are to, do I really need to do all this to heal? Is it even possible for this cycle of popping pills, avoiding certain foods and purging toxins from my body, to end? 

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need all of this to heal. In fact doing this combination or parts of it may be getting in the way of your healing. 

Today, I will be dissecting and discussing these 3 areas, dieting, detoxing and pills, in efforts to help you simplify your healing. 

Now before I get into these 3 areas, I want to remind you of a couple things:

  • First, remember that nothing can manifest in the body without it starting in the mind first. 

  • Second, when you have a chronic symptom, it means that your mind is stuck in a stressed state, your body is taking the hit for the stress, which is why it's not resolving. 

These 2 things are very important to keep in the back of your mind as you read about each of the 3 areas that I will be discussing. 


So let's first start with Pills. When I say pills, I am referring to mainly supplements, but I am going to touch a little on prescriptions. 

Now I’m not a doctor and I am in no way telling you to get off of the medications that you are taking. But I am going to inform you that there are certain medications, actually a majority of them, that keep your body stuck in the conflict stage. Which in short is the stage where your mind is stuck in stress and your body is taking the hit for the stress. 

So, if a medication is keeping you stuck in the conflict stage, your body will never naturally be able to go into the healing phase. The phase that, as it states, is where healing takes place. So does this mean that you have to immediately get off of all your medications in order to start doing this work?

No. But it's a wise idea to have a discussion with your doctor to create a plan that is right for you to get off of them or reduce them as you do the work. A lot of my students will go in to see their doctor after 3 months of doing the work and just by seeing them and maybe even getting some tests done, they are able to lessen or eliminate their medications. 

Now I know that this can feel scary or you may even feel resistance in your body as you hear this, but I’m not going to hide the truth. If you want to fully heal, reducing or eliminating medications needs to be a part of that. But rather than think that it's going to be horrible to do that transition, I want you to hold in your mind that it's possible to do it without big side effects. There are many of my students that anticipated the worst of trying to get off of or reduce medications and it turned out to be easy peezy. I attribute this to the mind and body work that is done before that transition happens. 

Now let's talk supplements. I am a certified holistic practitioner and herbalist, so I am very familiar with the world of supplements, I made my living for 10 years selling them.

I was the biggest advocate of them and you wouldn’t find me traveling 2 hours from my house without taking some supplement with me, because god for bid my body might not function without them! 

There are so many categories of supplements. There are the supportive supplements that are meant to support a particular body system like the colon or adrenals, then there are vitamins and minerals or tonic remedies that are designed to cover any deficiencies, and then lastly there are detox supplements. 

The supportive supplements are one of the most common supplements that I see people taking. They are the ones that say, I need to take this to support my adrenals or colon because they are “not working” right.

Now these may be needed at times if the body system is truly failing but we have to keep in mind why the body system isn’t working optimally to begin with. This goes back to what I told you to hold onto in the back of your mind when I first started. Nothing in the body manifests unless it starts in the mind. 

So going back to the days when I used to sell these types of products, I loved these clients because they needed to stay on them or if they didn’t, the problem would come back. These organ specific supplements don’t fix the problem, they just maintain it. And if you get off of them the body system will go right back to where it was before because the root issue hasn’t been addressed. I like to say they are just a healthier version of prescriptions. 

Probiotics are an example of this. People with chronic illness are taking high potency probiotics. They say they need them to keep a healthy gut. But the health of your gut is a reflection of what kind of conflicts you have within the mind. When you resolve the conflicts within your mind that are connected to “your gut” then you won’t need to take all those probiotics. You can find them from your food instead. 

Vitamins, minerals and tonic remedies are another area that people focus on when it comes to supplements. These are the remedies such as a multivitamin or specific vitamins like C, E, or D. These vitamins are all available in our foods, but there are some that have significant vitamin deficiencies that need to take these. Most of the time you are peeing out a lot of these vitamins, hence your bright yellow pee, but it's also important to remember that those with chronic conditions are most likely not absorbing them either. 

While these may be necessary for a short period of time, as you address the unconscious stress, your body will be able to, 1) eat more foods if you can’t eat very many and 2) absorb the vitamins from your food. I had a student that was deficient in many vitamins and after doing the mind body work, she was able to eat more foods and her tests revealed her vitamin and mineral levels were back to normal without taking any supplements. 


Now let's talk about the detox supplements. I am going to put the detox supplements together with the other detox protocols, such as drinking liquids, doing coffee enemas, ionic foot baths, etc. 

This is the area that I see the most focus on when it comes to chronic illness. People go as far as another country or wellness centers across the country to do strict detox protocols and come back full of energy and pounds lighter, only to have life happen and they end up going back to feeling the same way.

This again is because the root of the issue was never addressed. Sure doing those things will possibly make you feel better, for some even worse, but it is not a long term fix. 

Let's go back to the basics for a minute. Your body knows how to detox. Your liver, kidneys, lymphatics, skin and other organs are detoxing all the time. They are designed to filter out toxins for us.

The problem comes in when we have chronic conditions. Because chronic conditions indicate that the mind is in a state of stress. In a state of stress, your body systems are not interested in detoxing, they are just trying to survive.

I like to use the example of if you were being chased by a tiger, would you stop to say, I think I need to clean out my liver right now? Of course you wouldn’t do that! Your primary focus is to survive. Your body is doing the same thing. As long as it gets a message from the brain that it's not safe, then it will not put detoxification as a priority. 

So when you take these supplements to detox, you are adding even more stress to your body. You're forcing it to do something that it doesn’t want/need to do at that time. Plus because your detox pathways are not open due to stress, the detox process is most likely going to make you feel sick! I remember when I went to get detox treatments. I would go every 2 weeks and after the treatment it took me 2 weeks to just start feeling better and then I had to go again. It was miserable. 

I have so many students tell me that after a few weeks of doing the program that they are sweating again and their bowels are moving better. These are all signs that their detox pathways have opened naturally on their own. 

Here is the deal, there is nothing to kill or cleanse in your body that your body hasn’t already done or can do on its own. Yes there are certain foods to eat as the seasons change that naturally support your body systems to detox. That is supporting your body, not forcing it. Detoxing in the middle of winter is another thing that I see people do. Your poor body is trying to naturally store more fats during this time to keep you warm and your interfering with the natural process. Society has done a great job of promoting detoxing year round as being safe and effective and it goes against the natural rhythm of your body. 

I want to talk very briefly about detoxing or killing bacteria and viruses. These “bad guys” naturally show up in the healing phase and are there to promote healing. Killing them is not the answer. And just like taking medications that stop the healing process, trying to kill these bad guys will naturally put your body back into the conflict phase.

You see this all the time with UTI’s. You get on an antibiotic because they found bacteria, which by the way indicates you are in the healing phase, but to them its bad, so you take the medication and your body then goes right back into the conflict stage. A person will get tested and think its all good because no bacteria is showing up, but then a few weeks later its back. This is because the body once again is trying to go into the healing phase. If someone doesn’t know this, they will be in the cycle of taking antibiotics possibly for years!


Next, let's talk about parasites. Another area that I know so very well. In fact when I owned my store, I was one of the top stores in the state for selling the most “wormwood combination” supplement.

Killing parasites is a common detoxing protocol in the holistic world. But Parasites are a natural part of living. Every animal and person has them. There is no need to detox for them in most cases. 

Lastly, I want to cover detoxing for fungus, also known as candida or in general mold issues. Another hot topic in the holistic world of chronic illness. I talk to so many people that have done mold detox after mold detox, and doing candida cleanses over and over. 

So just like bacteria and viruses being a part of the healing phase, so is fungus. I know this goes against a lot of what you may have heard but this is all 100% backed up by Dr. Hamer’s work. 

Yeast showing up in the mouth, intestines, skin, etc is part of the healing phase. Have you ever gone out to the woods and saw a rotting log? There is fungus and bugs crawling all over it, to break it down. It's part of nature to assist in the breaking down of the log. 

When I was in my holistic studies, I was always told that you need to detox for candida when there is cancer, because it always shows up in people that have cancer. Yes, this would absolutely be true because in the case of cancer, when it's found, it's in the healing phase which is when the candida is present. Does this mean that you need to detox for candida? No. By cleansing for candida at this time you would be interrupting the healing phase. 

So what do you do if you have mold and or candida issues that don’t go away? Again we would need to identify the biological conflict to where the fungus is in your body, not kill it. Once we do that, we can resolve the conflict and let the body go through the healing phase on its own without interfering. Once that happens, the fungus issues go away. 

As you can hear, all these protocols of pills and detox are not assisting in your healing, in fact they are most of the time interfering with the bodies natural way of healing. Sometimes we think that we are smarter than our bodies and we need to interject but this is only because we don’t trust. When we trust, we can back off of trying to control what our body needs and just allow it to do what it needs to do. 


Last, let's talk about diet.

If you want to follow a certain way to eat, there is no shortage of diets out there. For those with chronic illness, I see an avoidance of gluten and high histamine foods as being the most popular. 

So, like supplements and detoxing, are these really necessary to heal?

When someone chooses to avoid certain foods because they are told that it will “harm” their body, what do you think is the response in the brain from that belief? 

Naturally, it's going to look to that food as being a threat because that is the message that it's getting. So before even eating the food, just by thinking that the food is going to harm you is enough to send a stress signal to the body. 

So this is what happens with those with food sensitivities. They are told they can’t eat a certain food or several and now all of a sudden they are in a heightened state just thinking about food. 

If you have sensitivities to food, keep in mind that the food is not the issue. The unconscious stress is the problem. Once you resolve the unconscious stress, the reactions to food will be eliminated.

Food should never be something that you are in fear of. It's nourishment, it's what gives you life!  

Restricting food is ……restricting. Your food choices are not as important as what you may think they are to your health. As you have learned, disease starts within the mind. Ever wonder why those that eat healthy still get disease? And the guy that drinks a 12 pack every week and smokes a pack of cigarettes every day doesn’t? Its because disease doesn’t start here.

Does a healthy diet make for a better environment and strength of your body? Yes. But does it prevent disease….. not according to German New Medicine.

If you are trying to heal, being obsessed or hyper focused on the foods that you should or shouldn’t eat is stressful to your body and mind. It doesn’t create a safe, calm environment around food. Instead of restricting, look to all food as nourishment, yes even sometimes that chocolate chip cookie. 

Does that mean that you can eat junk food all day and still get well using mind body techniques? It could, but I don’t recommend it because you will feel the affects from eating like that on an energy level.

So what do you eat? Good old natural foods. Keep it simple, shop the outside of the grocery store make as many meals that you can rather than eating out. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet and eat with the season as much as possible. 

These bad guys, gluten, tomatoes, peppers, etc are not bad. If you are having reactions to them, its because they are triggers within your subconscious. Once you identify the root cause to why your body is being triggered to that food, then the reactions to those foods go away. 

The day I stopped caring about eating a certain way to heal and let go of all of my supplements and detox recipes was a day that gave me freedom. Freedom to live, to enjoy life and no longer be held back by these beliefs that I thought were true for my healing. 

Alright, I have covered it all and hopefully you are ready to ditch all this outside stuff and really focus on what is going to give you long term healing. 

Just think about all the money you will save by not taking all of those supplements, medications and buying those special foods! If you are like I was, that isn’t a small chunk of change. 

Instead, you can focus on what really matters, what’s within your subconscious mind. 

Again, your chronic symptoms are not resolving due to unconscious stress, not because you are eating the wrong food, not detoxing enough or not taking the right supplement. 

Your goal is to reduce the unconscious stress and let your body do the rest.


We get it, you're desperate to have your illness be a thing of the past, not something that defines your days. But trying to heal WITHOUT a custom plan is costing you precious time, money and energy!

You are unique, your symptoms are connected to very specific patterns within your subconscious.

Without a plan unique to you, you will continue struggling and miss out on the life you deserve to be living! To help you get started on your long-lasting healing journey, we would love to provide you with a healing plan that is unique to you. Get your custom healing plan today!

You can also Download my free healing guide, “Why Can’t I Heal” where you will learn the 5 reasons that you haven't healed despite everything you've tried. These are the missing pieces to your healing and the key to resolving your symptoms for good.

Jenny Peterson is the founder and CEO of Mind Body Rewire (MBR). She teaches those that are overwhelmed with trying to heal chronic symptoms how to simplify their healing by focusing on just one place, the subconscious mind. Learn more about MBR here.


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