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Healing My Son’s Impetigo

Updated: Apr 23

By Jenny Peterson

Today I’m sharing with you a recent experience with my son breaking out in a skin rash, specifically impetigo. 

Despite what the medical view says about it, that it's extremely contagious, we were able to address it and understand it from a mind body perspective and it healed completely. 

Sharing this story with you will hopefully help you see how approaching our health from a biological perspective isn’t so scary after all. 

In my household, we very rarely have someone that is experiencing chronic or acute conditions. But when we do, I practice what I teach. I wanted to give you an inside look at what I do when someone in my family experiences a symptom. 

My 14 year old son is a wrestler. Being in this sport, there is so much talk and fear about germs on the mat and they are always being told to make sure to shower immediately after practice. 

In our house we don’t follow that kind of thinking or rules. We don’t believe that germs are jumping from one person to another or onto the mat and onto another person. My son has been around me long enough to take on this same way of thinking and has never been fearful of germs. 

So about a month ago, my son was in a match where his opponent put his head into the mat pretty hard and then pushed him across the mat, causing mat burn. 

The mat burn was about 2 inches round on his right cheek. After about a week he started getting a little pimple-like breakout just underneath it. I thought they were pimples at first, but then they started spreading and looking more like a rash. 

Due to what this was looking like, we were told that in order for him to wrestle we needed a doctor to take a look at it. 

So off we went to the doctor.

Doctor took one look at it and said it's impetigo, he can’t wrestle until he has an antibiotic in his system for 24 hours. We were told that this was extremely contagious and we needed to stay away from my son, not touch him, and wash everything in the house regularly. 

Now I’m not completely against antibiotics. I personally only believe in taking them for life or death situations. And this was not life or death. 

Now the medical world looks at this as a classic case of an open wound and bacteria issue. I again do not. 

I talked with my son about what was happening and we both agreed that it made complete sense based on what happened. We have a tendency to say to him often to keep his head up and off the mat as an area that he needs to improve. He didn’t like that he was pushed into the mat and wanted to get up when it was happening but couldn’t. He essentially wanted to separate from the mat, which is what caused this reaction on his face. 

Once the rash showed up, the situation was resolved in his psyche but due to him being teased at school and not wanting me to touch it to care for it, it just kept feeding the issue and spreading. 

Spring break was right around this time and I knew that having these days off would finish the healing process. He needed a break from the mat and also from being teased about it.

We also had a discussion about him pulling away from me when I tried to apply a cream to it or look at it. Teenagers don’t want to be touched. So we made a deal that I would only look at it once a day to assess the situation and then leave him alone. This also helped with the resolution.

This rash was all about separation and it was very clear where he wanted it. It started on the mat and from there it continued. 

I gave him a sulphur ointment to rub on it to dry it out as well. 6 days into spring break, the rash, impetigo, was gone. 

In this experience there was so much for my son to learn.

He saw that what happened on the mat, and ultimately in his mind, resulted in the rash. He saw how people reacted to it with fear. The kids at school were brutal towards him and he really had to work hard to not let it get to his head. When it got its worst, he really had to step into trusting his body. The times when it was the worst, he had doubt and said mom do you think I need to take the antibiotic? Again another opportunity to learn and step into trust. 

The germ theory proved once again to be just a theory and not a law. My son was practicing with other kids on the same mats and no one else got it. I was touching and applying salve to his face with my bare hands and I never got it. We didn’t have beliefs to support this theory which also helped to remove the fear of it spreading.

Everyone around him was more in fear of this rash than we were. 

Years of experience and using natural remedies when needed, have helped me to be confident in my choices. It takes time and practice to get to this place. This isn’t about ignoring. I was observing. Trusting. 

This was a fairly simple situation. It was acute and didn't last for months, so there wasn’t that much work to do besides what I mentioned. It wouldn’t be this straight forward when it comes to chronic conditions or multiple chronic conditions. But it is so often that acute conditions turn chronic because of the approach that is taken and never addressing the root cause. 

Having my son say, 'mom, it's completely gone, my body did all the healing', is a cherry on top.

So much was in this experience to help him understand his body and what causes symptoms. I’m not going to lie, it's situations like this that help us grow closer together because he puts alot of trust into my suggestions when the rest of the world thinks my suggestions are crazy. 

Regardless of how long I have been doing this, I am always in awe of the body’s ability to heal. I trust that sharing this story with you will hopefully help you see how approaching our health from a biological perspective isn’t so scary after all. 


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