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4 Ways to Start Building Trust in Your Body

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

By Jenny Peterson

There is an important piece to the healing puzzle that is often missed.

This piece is trust in your body. If you have chronic symptoms, trust is often not in your language when you talk about your body. But fear definitely is.

If this sounds like you, then keep on reading because while it is understandable that you don’t have trust in your body right now, without trust, you won’t heal.

Today I’m going to cover where this lack of trust in your body came from (its farther back than what you think) and the 4 ways that you can start getting it back.

I talk to many people on a weekly basis and a majority of them will say that they don’t trust their body. Most of them fear their body and don’t trust that its working “correctly”.

After experiencing chronic symptoms myself for many years, I totally understand why someone would feel this way, especially when they have tried so many things and haven’t gotten results.

It is natural to think that if all this hasn’t worked, there must be something wrong with my body, which leads to not trusting it.

Now, you may think that your lack of trust in your body, which is really a fear of your body, has come from this journey of chronic illness that you’ve been on for however many years. That it all started when a symptom or many symptoms didn’t go away from all the things you have tried.

While those experiences are good proof to the subconscious to support the belief that you can’t trust your body, it really didn’t start here.

I want you to think back to your childhood, what was the response from your caregivers when you had a stomach ache, a fever, an earache, or a cough?

Most likely you were given some type of remedy, medicine or brought into the doctor.

What did you see your parents or grandparents do when they didn’t feel well? Were there prescription bottles within vision that you saw them reach for?

Did you hear from your family that certain diseases run in your family so you are bound to get it too?

In health class, you were most likely taught about nutrition, exercise, to stay away from drugs, but never how your body is designed to heal.

Now let's think about when you got a cut or a broken bone when you were a kid. Unless that cut was really large where it required stitches, mom was putting a bandaid on it. She might have even said something like, “lets put a bandaid on and it will heal right up!”

If you had a broken bone, you went to the doctor, they reset it and he too may have even said, something like “the cast will hold it in place and your body will do the rest.”

Notice the difference between the responses of a cut vs an ear infection. For the cut, everyone was on board with your body being able to heal itself. Just slap a bandaid on and the body does the rest.

But when it came to other things outside of a cut or broken bone, external fixes were needed. It's like there is trust in the body for these few things but not for these other things.

Instead of trust in your body, we are conditioned from the time we are children to have trust in external fixes. This is how we are programmed to think.

So then as we grow into adults, this is how we continue to respond when we have health issues that come up.

We may expand our knowledge a little about our diet and exercise. We may even go towards a more “natural” approach when it comes to remedies. But these are all still external fixes, supporting the belief that you can’t trust your body to heal itself.

In fact we often get bombarded with even more harmful information to support that we can’t trust our body, the more we continue on our healing journey. We are told that our body is attacking itself, it doesn’t know how to detox, it can’t digest certain foods, etc.

By the time people come to me, it's no wonder that they don’t trust their body. They have literally been programmed not to.

So then it is my job to guide them to build trust their body. Bring them back to the basics because at this point healing feels extremely complicated and the basics of understanding how our bodies work hasn’t even been addressed.

To heal, you have to become a team with your body.

This requires trust in yourself and your body. You do the internal work and your body then gets the permission to heal. Then it's your job to get out of the way and let it do its job.

That's what teams do. They have dedicated people for certain tasks. Your job isn’t to tell your body how to heal, it already knows how to do that. You haven’t been hired for that position. Your position on the team is to give your body the message that it is safe to heal.

This happens when you clean up the subconscious patterns that are keeping your nervous system in a heightened state. When those patterns are cleaned up, the body says, “all clear, we are now ready to heal”. Then you need to sit back and watch it do its magic.

When your body is healing, you will be tempted to jump in and interfere because things will get uncomfortable. Remember you have been programmed to reach for external fixes when things get uncomfortable. That is a subconscious pattern.

It is in those moments that you will need to go back to thinking about those times that you had a cut and how your body healed it on its own. You didn’t sit there and say “heal cut heal!” You didn’t sit there everyday and say, why isn’t my cut healing or were in fear of it. You just let it do its job. Even on days that the cut was painful during that process, you continued to let it do its thing.

This is the kind of trust you need to have for all symptoms that you are experiencing. No matter what label or symptoms you have, your body is working exactly how it is designed to work.

Without trust in your body, fear is going to take over. And if you have listened to previous episodes of mine, you know the effects of fear on your healing. In fact, it's fear that is most likely one of the biggest things that is preventing your body from completing the healing cycle and keeping your symptoms from going away.

When the body is healing, if it gets a message that there is a threat, which is fear, it stops that healing process to address the threat. Our brains are designed for survival, this is all part of keeping you alive.

So if you want to heal, you have to trust your body that it is capable of doing its job. Like the CEO of a company that trusts that their employee can do their job.

For all of you that are perfectionists and like to control, this will be hard. Again, it's just old subconscious patterns. Patterns can be broken.

Trust isn’t something that you are used to because everything you have tried hasn’t worked. But that is because you were putting trust in external fixes, instead of yourself and your body.

Trust takes time to build. Just like when you meet someone, it takes time for you to get to know them before you can trust them. You will need to do the same with your body.

Your subconscious has lots of proof to support that you can’t trust your body, due to all the programming that you have had from childhood up until now, about your body and the healing process. You now need to see those experiences in a different light and consciously start shifting the way you think about your body. The more you do that, the more you will break those old patterns and create new healthy ones.

I’m going to give you 4 ways you can start creating those new patterns of trust.

1 - Find Proof

Find all the proof you can to support that your body knows how to heal. Look at those times when you had a cut or broken bone and really sit and think about that process.

I mean think about it, you cut into your skin, you broke a bone and you literally didn’t have to do anything for it to heal. Thats amazing. Look around at nature, you will see how it too heals on its own.

We are no different than nature or animals, we have built in self healing mechanisms.

2 - Learn About Your Body

You don’t need to be a medical doctor to understand the basics of your body and how it heals.

I’ll put it simply here, your body knows how to heal, if it is not healing, something is interrupting that process. And it's not mold, food, bacteria or viruses, it's the subconscious.

I have many resources to learn about the healing process, my blog 'Root Cause to Illness & Symptoms, An Intro to German New Medicine' would be a great place to start, along with my podcast, Simplify Your Healing, my blog and my free healing guide, “Why Can’t I Heal”.

The truth is that your body isn’t complicated, the world has just led you to believe that it is.

Once you understand how your body heals, that is really all you need to know. We were designed for survival. Everything our body does is back to that.

When we can understand this simple thing, we can then understand and trust our body.

3 - Write a Love Letter to Your Body

I really want you to think about how amazing your body is. You are literally sitting and reading this and you don’t need to tell it to do anything in order to stay alive and function.

Your heart is beating. You are breathing. Your cells are communicating. You are digesting your food. You're filtering out toxins. All without your control.

So I want you to sit down and really speak from your heart to your body.

Thank it for keeping you alive. Thank it for doing what it is designed to do. I would also apologize to it for being so hard on it. For not having trust in it. For not understanding it.

Then tell it how you are going to move forward as a team. That you are going to do your job and are going to allow it to do its job.

You have been so used to speaking to your body in negative ways, it is time to shift that language.

Read this letter to yourself out loud daily. Each time you read it, you build trust between you and your body.

4 - Listen to the Trust Your Body Meditation

All of my meditations work on shifting old subconscious patterns.

When you listen to this meditation, it will help you shift the way you feel about your body and build trust in it. Just like all brain rewiring, repetition is needed to build new patterns.

I recommend you listen to this meditation daily until you reach a confident level of trust in your body.

You spent years being conditioned to not have trust in your body. The actions and thoughts that you did in the past have all supported that belief.

To heal, new beliefs, thoughts, and actions have to be repeated.

Trust in your body will require telling yourself different things when old thoughts come up. It will require you to be ok with being uncomfortable. It will require you to have a new understanding of your body. It will require you to work on that trust daily.

Healing is going to require you to unlearn all the things that you have learned.

The 4 suggestions that I gave you today are a good way to start building trust in your body and ultimately in yourself.


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Jenny Peterson is the founder and CEO of Mind Body Rewire (MBR). She teaches those that are overwhelmed with trying to heal chronic symptoms how to simplify their healing by focusing on just one place, the subconscious mind. Learn more about MBR here.


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