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MBR Classroom provides step-by-step courses to resolve your health symptoms using your mind. Step into our classes to heal and transform your life!

  • Are you sick of trying to "fix" your chronic health conditions with diets, detoxing and pills?

  • Have you tried using mind-body techniques to heal without success?

  • Do you intuitively know that there is something deeper connected to your symptoms?

  • Do you want to stop living life by your symptoms?

  • Does it feel like trying to heal is overwhelming?

  • Want to learn how to heal using the power of your own mind?

  • Are you ready to get back to living a happy, healthy life you deserve?

If you answered YES to any of these, the MBR Classroom is for you!


The MBR method will give you the opportunity to transform your life and health.  Through a deeper understanding of how our body really operates from a biological and subconscious point of view, the MBR Method permits you to unlock the deeply rooted personal, gestational and ancestral programs which create limitations to your well-being.


Such subconscious programs need to be liberated so we can evolve in consciousness, achieve a high state of health, live life on our own terms, and ultimately reach our full potential.


At MBR we believe in keeping things simple.


One of the reasons why healing feels so complicated is due to all the "fixing" that we have been programmed to do when it comes to symptoms. We help you heal in a simple step by step process using your mind, and provide you support and guidance along the way. 

Each MBR Classroom Course offers:

  • Weekly Q & A Calls 

  • Weekly Healing Plans 

  • One (one on one) Session with an MBR Coach

  • MBR Method Instruction to Resolve Symptoms

  • Additional 1:1 Coaching Options

  • Lifetime Access

For each symptom you have, you would take a symptom course that matches the symptom. For example: if you have IBS, you will take the Digestion course. If you have anxiety, then you take the Anxiety course. 


(if you are unsure what course to take, we can help you)

We understand that doing this work alone is not ideal, therefore you are never alone while taking your course. We offer many ways to support you as listed above. 


  • Rather than fearing your symptoms, you will understand what they mean. 

  • You will build trust in your body so you can work together as a team to heal.

  • When you let go of old patterns and create an environment that feels safe, your body heals!

  • Learn how to let go of old patterns so you can respond to life differently, which will prevent symptoms. 

  • Know what to do when you have symptoms in the future. 


Take the first step on your healing plan today by joining the

Clear the Fear Course. This is a pre-requisite to the MBR Classroom courses. 


I have a lot of symptoms is this the right option for me?

If the MBR Classroom was recommended to you in your healing plan, then yes! We believe this is the right option for you no matter how many symptoms you have. Our recommendation is to work through one symptom at a time. Once you finish your first course, we are here to guide you to your next steps. 


1. Identify the subconscious patterns connected to it

2. Release the patterns

3. Rewire new patterns

Every symptom course will take you through this process to resolve each of your symptoms. 

Can I work one on one with a coach?

Absolutely! We offer a few opportunities to work directly with a coach once you become an MBR Classroom student. 

***Each symptom course comes with one (1) (2 hour session) with a coach (included with the price) and weekly     Q & A call. 

You can purchase additional coaching as needed: 

1. 2 hour One on one sessions for specific areas within the course as needed: $200

2. Coach in your pocket- Work with a coach for 4 weeks to guide you along your healing plan, M-F email support and provide a weekly action plan to keep you moving forward in your healing. $400

What is taught in the MBR Classroom courses?

Each of the classroom courses has a layout that goes through the same foundational information but will be targeted specifically within the lessons to your specific symptoms and subconscious patterns. You are given tools to address negative thinking patterns, let go of old beliefs, identify and release the subconscious patterns connected to your symptoms, and prevent having symptoms in the future. 

How do I know which classroom course to take?

Everyone is required to start with the Clear the Fear Course.  Once you have completed the initial course, you will pick your next course according to your symptoms. 

If you are unsure which course to take, you can reach out to us and we will provide you with the courses that are best based on your situation. 

How much is each course?

The Clear the Fear Course (a required course that you must take before any of the Classroom courses) $57

Each symptom course is $497 which includes one 2-hour session with a coach and weekly Q & A call. 

Do I have to take a separate class for each of my symptoms?

Each symptom that you are experiencing is connected to a very specific subconscious pattern. You will need to do targeted work for each symptom, which is why separate classes are needed for each symptom. So if you have IBS, anxiety and fibromyalgia, then you would take 3 courses. 

How long is each course?

Courses are anywhere a minimum of 6 weeks for the basic information and can go up to 12 weeks with the bonus lessons. 


Take the first step on your healing plan today by joining the

Clear the Fear Course. This is a pre-requisite to the MBR Classroom courses. 

“After taking the clear the fear course, I finally understand why my body is doing what it's doing and now I'm no longer afraid of my symptoms. Having the weekly call for questions was also great."

Alexa, CA

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